Best Employers For Healthy Lifestyles

Tools and Resources

Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being This document presents employers with the business case for developing a broader well-being strategy. It also provides an overview of five factors that contribute to well-being and that large employers can influence within their own organizations. more

Eaton's Progress Promoting Health and Wellness in Mexico
This case study reviews Eaton's strategy for promoting the health and wellness of employees globally. It also details how efforts in Mexico were tailored to address the needs and preferences of employees. more

Seven Ways to Refresh Your Healthy Dining Program
While many companies focus on physical activity as the primary vehicle for battling obesity, a growing body of research has highlighted the importance of healthy eating as an integral component of a weight loss program. Meta-analysis of weight loss programs show that physical activity programs alone are less effective both in the short- and long-term than those that combine physical activity with a healthy diet. This Top Solutions document, drawing on examples from 2015 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® award winners and current research, lists seven actionable ways in which organizations can encourage employees to make smarter food choices and support a healthy diet.

Learning from the Best: Innovative and Emerging Practices from the 2014 Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles® Winners This document highlights innovative and emerging practices from a few of the 2014 Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles® Winners. more

Proving the Value of Employer Well-being Programs: HOW AWARD WINNERS MEASURE SUCCESS This document shows how innovative companies have use a variety of financial and non-financial measures to measure the value of their well-being interventions. more

Simplifying a Corporate Health Award Program into Seven Steps
Companies can boost internal health promotion data collection efforts by leveraging internal recognition programs. This infographic outlines the life cycle of a corporate health award program. more

Strategies for Driving Employee Engagement in Wellness, Health Care and Job Performance — this toolkit provides large employers with a road map of tools and resources to better engage their employees. Divided into three sections on wellness, health care and job performance, the toolkit provides evidence-based strategies and tactics — including 48 case examples from 45 companies— to help employees become active participants in their health, motivate them to adopt healthy lifestyles, do their best work and contribute to organizational success. more

Seven Universal Concepts in Wellness
The document outlines seven universal attributes or actions that are common found in successful corporate wellness or health promotion programs regardless of geography, culture or language. more

Managing Stress: Employer Strategies & Interventions provides the information necessary to help employers develop a comprehensive stress management strategy, from assessing the prevalence and causes of stress, to reducing common stressors and helping employees better cope with stressful situations. Even for employers who may be unable to tackle stress head on, this toolkit will provide ideas for consideration and implementation. more

Promoting Healthy Weight Through Healthy Dining at Work Toolkit — The Promoting Healthy Weight Through Healthy Dining at Work Toolkit is a collection of materials to help employers assess and improve their cafeteria, vending and catering offerings? more

Financial Incentives for Healthy Lifestyles: Who's Doing It, What's Legal and Where's the Evidence? toolkit provides information about how to offer financial incentives while complying with the law. It also provides evidence of what incentives appear to be the most effective based on the limited research that is available? more

Physical Activity: Re-evaluating the Business Case and Employer Strategies — This toolkit examines the business case for physical activity programs and identifies strategies that can be implemented, it also provides employers with the latest data on and examples of employer-based physical activity strategies? more

Wellness Champions: Local Advocates for Healthy Living — Highlights common themes that are beginning to emerge related to the selection of wellness champions, their responsibilities, compensation and employer support tactics... more